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Things to Consider

Verify Internet Connectivity

The Tapkey Mobile SDK maintains an offline cache of access keys to allow offline access. However, in order to receive keys and other kinds of data, internet access is required. It's therefore suggested to issue a warning to the user in an appropriate place in case of missing internet connectivity.

Verify Bluetooth

The App communicates with locks via Bluetooth. We therefore suggest to issue a warning to the user in case Bluetooth isn't available for any reason.

Verify SDK Version

The Tapkey Mobile SDK provides information about its current version and also about versions considered as old our expired. The consuming App must check this version information and issue a warning to the app user. In case of expired versions, the app shall not start and redirect to the app store.

Verify Google Play Services (Android)

On Android, the Tapkey Mobile SDK relies on the Google Play Services, particularly for sending push notifications. When the app is started, verify the Google Play Services are installed and implement appropriate error handling if not. See the sample app contained in the Tapkey Mobile SDK bundle for an example on how to implement the verification.