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Removed subspecs

The Tapkey Mobile SDK does not contain the libraries TapkeyGoogleAnalytics, TapkeyGoogleSignIn, TapkeyGcm and Auth0Authentication anymore.

These libraries are not relevant for third party apps so we don't distribute them anymore. These libraries shouldn't be used anyway, removing them should be safe.

If it causes some compiler issues, then there is something wrong. Please contact us in such a situation.


target 'App' do


    pod 'TapkeyMobileLib'

    # Remove following dependencies if in use
    # pod 'TapkeyMobileLib/TapkeyGoogleAnalytics'
    # pod 'TapkeyMobileLib/TapkeyGoogleSignIn'
    # pod 'TapkeyMobileLib/TapkeyGcm'
    # pod 'TapkeyMobileLib/Auth0Authentication'



Removed static registration of TapkeyServiceFactory

The static registration registerTapkeyServiceFactory(tapkeyServiceFactory) was removed. This will cause a compiler error. It is safe to remove this line.

import UIKit
import TapkeyMobileLib

class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate, TapkeyAppDelegate {


    private var tapkeyServiceFactory:TapkeyServiceFactory!;

    func application(_ application: UIApplication,
                     willFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey : Any]? = nil) -> Bool {

        // Build service factory singleton instance
        self.tapkeyServiceFactory = TapkeyServiceFactoryBuilder()


        // Remove this line
        // registerTapkeyServiceFactory(self.tapkeyServiceFactory);