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Changelog for the Tapkey Mobile SDK for iOS

All releases listed on this page are published in Tapkey's Podspec repository. Available releases are listed in the repository's directory listing for the TapkeyMobileLib artifact.

26 March 2020 latest stable

  • Enabled Swift module stability. From now on, releases are not bound to specific versions of XCode any more. New versions of XCode will be compatible with previous versions of the Tapkey Mobile SDK for iOS from now on.
  • Resolved a situation where malformed access tokens led to a crash within the SDK's authentication components.
  • The internal server clock (see TKMServiceFactoryBuilder#setServerClock(_:)) is now being synchronized during TKMNotificationManager#pollForNotificationsAsync(cancellationToken:).
  • Introduced a remote Bluetooth stack that can be used with the Tapkey Hardware Simulator to let the Mobile SDK communicate with simulated Tapkey locks.

30 January 2020

  • Upgraded to Xcode 11.3.1.

14 January 2020

  • The userId property of TKMUserCommandResult is now nullable to allow for situations where a command does not return a user ID.
  • Resolved a situation where logging out failed with a ClassCastException.
  • Improved error handling during the token exchange flow.
  • Improved websocket performance.

Older releases

Consult the migration guides or contact us for information about older releases.