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Tapkey Mobile SDK Integration Guide

The Tapkey Mobile SDK allows mobile applications to interact with Tapkey-enabled locking devices. The SDK is available in platform-specific bundles for both Android and for iOS. Each bundle consists of the following parts:

  • The Tapkey.MobileLib library
  • A sample app, demonstrating how to use the Tapkey Mobile SDK and the functionality it provides

The Tapkey Mobile SDK offers functionality for interacting with Tapkey-enabled locking devices and the the Tapkey Trust Service such as retrieving mobile keys. The Tapkey Mobile SDK however, does not offer tools for managing access permissions, which is done via the Tapkey Management API.

The Tapkey Mobile SDK bundles for iOS and Android contain a comprehensive sample app, showing the relevant steps for offering an unlock experience with Tapkey. The sample app and the source code comments contained therein represent a relevant part of the documentation. The sample app is a runnable app, offering most of the relevant functionality, including:

  • Authentication using a Tapkey ID and management of authentication cookies
  • Communication with the Tapkey Trust Service
  • Key management
  • Retrieving and displaying a list of locally available keys
  • Detecting Bluetooth locking devices nearby
  • Unlocking Tapkey locking devices