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The Tapkey Mobile SDK allows mobile applications to interact with Tapkey-enabled locks and is available for Android and iOS.

The SDK offers functionality for interacting with Tapkey-enabled locks and takes care of retrieving mobile keys from the Tapkey Trust Service, as well as storing them locally for offline use. However, it does not offer tools for managing access permissions, which is done via the Tapkey Access Management Web API.

Comprehensive sample apps outlining the steps required to unlock with Tapkey are available for both Android and iOS. The sample apps are executable projects, representing a relevant part of the SDK's documentation and provide an overview of the following functionality:

  • User management
    • Logging in users
    • Retrieving a list of users currently logged in
    • Refreshing user authentication
    • Logging out users
  • Key management
    • Polling the Tapkey Trust Service for mobile keys
    • Retrieving and displaying a list of locally available keys
  • Scanning for nearby locks via Bluetooth
  • Unlocking locks via Bluetooth