Class TkErrorDescriptor

  • public class TkErrorDescriptor
    extends Object
    Contains information about an error that occurred in a component inside the SDK.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TkErrorDescriptor

        public TkErrorDescriptor​(String errorCode,
                                 String errorMessage,
                                 Object errorDetails)
        Creates an error descriptor.
        errorCode - the error code.
        errorMessage - the error message.
        errorDetails - additional data to describe or document the error.
    • Method Detail

      • getErrorCode

        public String getErrorCode()
        Returns the error code.
        the error code.
      • getErrorMessage

        public String getErrorMessage()
        Returns the error message. The error message is intended to be used for support and debugging but is not intended to be issued to the user.
        the error message.
      • getErrorDetails

        public Object getErrorDetails()
        Returns the error details. Consult documentation of the throwing method for more information about the type of the error details.
        the error details.