Class KeyDetails

  • public class KeyDetails
    extends Object
    A set of information on a locally available mobile key.
    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyDetails

        public KeyDetails​(String grantId,
                          UserGrant grant,
                          Date validBefore,
                          Date renewableFrom,
                          Date autorenewedAt,
                          Date autorenewedBefore)
    • Method Detail

      • getRenewableFrom

        public Date getRenewableFrom()
        Returns from which point in time this mobile key can be renewed. Tapkey prevents renewal of mobile keys for a certain time after the key has been issued.
        the Date from which on this mobile key can be renewed.
      • getAutoRenewalScheduledAt

        public Date getAutoRenewalScheduledAt()
        Returns at what point this mobile key is scheduled to be automatically renewed.
        the Date on which this mobile key is going to be renewed.
      • getGrantId

        public String getGrantId()
        Returns the corresponding grant's ID. Always available. Each mobile key is issued based on a grant.
        the grant's ID.
      • getValidBefore

        public Date getValidBefore()
        Returns until when this mobile key is valid.
        the Date this mobile key is valid before.
      • getGrant

        public UserGrant getGrant()
        Returns the grant this mobile key has been issued for.
        the Grant this mobile key has been issued for.
      • getAutorenewedBefore

        public Date getAutorenewedBefore()
        Returns the latest point in time until when the key should get renewed. If it's not renewed before this time, may be an issue and the user may be informed, if appropriate.
        the latest point in time until the key should be renewed.