Interface KeyManager

  • public interface KeyManager
    The key manager provides access to the available mobile keys on this device. The SDK fetches mobile keys for all logged-in users and stores them locally when NotificationManager.pollForNotificationsAsync(CancellationToken) is called. The key manager then takes care of automatically renewing local mobile keys in time. The SDK does not return the actual mobile keys, but only a set of details about the key.
    • Method Detail

      • getKeyUpdateObservable

        Observable<Void> getKeyUpdateObservable()
        Returns an observable that can be used to receive notifications whenever mobile keys on this device are updated. Note that subscribing to this observable does not fetch or update keys from the Tapkey Trust Service.
        an Observable that will fire whenever keys are added, updated or removed.
      • queryLocalKeysAsync

        Promise<List<KeyDetails>> queryLocalKeysAsync​(String userId,
                                                      CancellationToken cancellationToken)
        Returns all mobile keys available for the specified user on this device. Note that this method does not fetch or update keys from the Tapkey Trust Service.
        userId - the ID of the user to get mobile keys for.
        cancellationToken - can be used to cancel the operation and listen for cancel events.
        the list of locally available mobile keys.