Class TkException

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    public class TkException
    extends RuntimeException
    TkException is used to represent exceptions inside many of the SDK's components. To retrieve more information about the type of exception, the result of getErrorCode() must be inspected.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TkException

        public TkException()
        Creates an empty TkException.
      • TkException

        public TkException​(String errorCode)
        Creates a TkException with the given error code.
        errorCode - the error code of the TkException. Note that this constructor will create a TkErrorDescriptor with this error code internally.
      • TkException

        public TkException​(TkErrorDescriptor tkErrorDescriptor)
        Creates a new TkException with the given error descriptor.
        tkErrorDescriptor - the TkErrorDescriptor to be set for the TkException.
    • Method Detail

      • getTkErrorDescriptor

        public TkErrorDescriptor getTkErrorDescriptor()
        Returns the exception's inner error descriptor. The error descriptor contains the exception's actual properties, such as error message, error code and additional error data.
        the exception's error descriptor.