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Changelog for the Tapkey Mobile SDK for Android

All releases listed on this page are published in Tapkey's Maven repository. Available releases are listed in the maven-metadata.xml for the Tapkey.MobileLib artifact.

May 2023 2.36.7 latest stable

  • Added API for synchronizing Tapkey NFC Transponders
  • Added API for fetching user grants

May 2023 2.36.0

  • Improved API for handling Mobile Keys.

May 2023 2.35.17

  • Gracefully handle HTTP 429 caused by rate limits being exceeded.
  • Support for custom Bluetooth scanning without using BleScanner.
  • Properly consider CancellationToken in NotificationManager.pollForNotifications().
  • Simplify synchronization of NFC cards.

January 2023 2.32.4

  • Introduced CommandResultCode NotLicensed.

August 2022 2.28.4

  • Upgraded to Android SDK version 33

August 2022 2.28.0

  • Improved API for handling Mobile Keys.
  • New trigger lock command AutoTriggerLockCommand, CompatTriggerLockCommandBuilder and streamlined CommandExecutionFacade.triggerLockAsync() method.
  • Support for new TLCP response code 'NothingToDo'.
  • Improved performance of synchronizing of transponders.
  • Fixed potential class name conflict, when used with another third-party library.
  • Fixed inconsistent encoding of url-safe Base64.
  • Deprecated BleLock#getLockId() in favor of BleLock#getPhysicalLockId() and all APIs accepting lockIds of type byte[]

March 2022

  • Introduced API for receiving push notifications from the Tapkey Trust Service.

November 2021

  • Improved scanning API

September 2021

  • Upgrade to Android SDK version 31

September 2021

  • Allow returning error details if execution of a triggerLock command fails.

May 2021

  • Introduced new Tapkey Bluetooth Advertising format (V2), featuring the Tapkey 16-Bit Ble Service UUID
  • Removed concept of incomplete lock id in BleLock
  • Introduced API for different unlocking methods
  • Introduced API for custom logging
  • Introduced API for BLE Advertisig Format V2

17 February 2021

  • Upgraded to Android SDK version 30
  • Made TLCP protocol version check future proof. Previous versions of the Tapkey Mobile SDK would only accept locks having TLCP protocol versions up to 0x3F. Starting with this version the Tapkey Mobile SDK accepts TLCP protocol versions up to 0x3FF. At the time of this release Tapkey locks feature TLCP protocol versions up to 0x3C.
  • Bluetooth simulation: Added functionality for simulating Bluetooth locking devices without having real devices.
  • Implemented several minor bugfixes and improved overall robustness.

26 March 2020

30 January 2020

No changes were introduced in this release.

14 January 2020

  • Improved error handling during the token exchange flow.
  • Improved websocket performance.

Older releases

Consult the migration guides or contact us for information about older releases.