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Steps to Integrate Tapkey

  1. Get the Tapkey SDK
  2. Integrate the Tapkey libraries into the target application according to section Firmware Integration.
  3. Define a production process that allows programming an initial firmware version and injecting provisioning data obtained from Tapkey individual to each locking device.

  4. Get a Tapkey manufacturer ID from Tapkey.

  5. Define a versioning scheme that assigns increasing integer version numbers to firmware versions as outlined in the firmware's package structure description.
  6. Establish a build process and tooling that allows generating .tkmanfw files according to section Firmware Update.

  7. Obtain provisioning files from Tapkey for individual locks.

  8. Program new devices and inject provisioning data.


In order to support firmware upgrades (which is mandatory for production scenarios), you need to carry out steps 4 to 6. Steps 7 and 8 are required at manufacturing time.